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Florida Alliance for Assistive Technology (FAAST)
Have a device loan program and facilitates the NEW HORIZON low interest rate financing program for those that want to purchase AT products.


The Center for Financial Independence & Innovation, Inc. (The CFII)
CFII Credit-Able which provides low-interest loans through participating credit unions to enable Georgians with disabilities access to affordable financing for Assistive Technology and Home & Vehicle Modifications.


Senior Nutrition Guide

Maintaining good health and enjoying a balanced diet can be quite a task as we age. Nutrition plays a crucial role in the well-being of senior citizens.

A well-rounded and rich diet ensures seniors have the essential nutrients for optimal bodily function. Moreover, healthy eating habits can significantly reduce the risk of age-related ailments like osteoporosis, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.

To assist seniors and their families, we created a guide that explains what older people need to eat and how to overcome diet challenges.

It gives meal planning advice and talks about food options in senior living. It also has tips on food safety and where seniors can find nutritious food.

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Senior Equipment and Training Project

The Division of Blind Services (DBS) has been working in partnership with the Blind Services Foundation of Florida (BSF) on strategies to provide assistive technology and devices to more of our older blind customers.
On June 21, 2023, BSF approved and funded the Senior Equipment and Training (SET) project, which is a pilot project aimed at achieving this goal.
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Set Program Devices

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