OrCam User Review

OrCam User Review

As someone who is blind, I rely on assistive technology to navigate my environment and perform everyday tasks. That's why I was excited to try out the OrCam MyEye - a wearable device designed to assist individuals with vision impairments.

From the moment I started using the OrCam MyEye, I was impressed by its capabilities. It's a small camera that can be attached to a pair of glasses and uses artificial intelligence to recognize and announce the names of people, objects, and text from signs, menus, and other printed materials. This has made it much easier for me to read text that would otherwise be inaccessible. The money identifier feature is also particularly useful, as it allows me to quickly and accurately identify different denominations of currency.

In addition to its object and text recognition capabilities, the OrCam MyEye has made it much easier for me to navigate my surroundings independently. It recognizes and announces street signs and public transportation stops, giving me the confidence to take public transportation on my own.

The OrCam MyEye is user-friendly and reliable. It can be controlled by gestures or voice commands, and the voice recognition is clear and easy to understand. It has accurately recognized and announced objects and text every time I have used it.

Overall, the OrCam MyEye has greatly improved my independence and made everyday tasks much easier for me. Its ability to recognize and announce text and the money identifier feature have been particularly helpful. I highly recommend it to any blind or visually impaired individuals looking for a reliable and convenient assistive technology device. 


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