Introducing HableOne!

Introducing HableOne!

Hable introduces the ‘Hable One’ which revolutionizes smartphone and tablet usage for the blind and partially sighted community in the US.

June 27th - 2022, New Orleans - At the National Federation of the Blind National Convention, Hable, a start-up company from The Netherlands, will introduce the much anticipated Hable One Controller to the United States. The Hable One is an easy-to-use remote controller for your smartphone or tablet. Combining technology and design, the Hable One brings an unprecedented experience for people who are blind or partially sighted, allowing them to use their smart devices easily in any situation. Users can access their smart devices while out and about more safely, navigate through and in apps, type messages quickly and without errors and gain access to previously inaccessible applications.

The Hable One uses a combination of tactile key combinations to let users navigate their phones or tablets. Users can type messages in Braille or use the dictation function. The product is easy to use and requires no installation, making it suitable for all age-groups and lifestyles.

Previous Introductions

The Hable One has already been successfully introduced in six European countries, where it has received impressive feedback. 89% of users say their smartphone and tablet usage has improved significantly and 96% of users recommend the Hable One to others. “With several successful market introductions in Europe, the next logical step was to move overseas. After visiting CSUN in March this year, we realized that there was a huge demand for a product like this in the US. Since then we have worked on setting up a network with amazing partners that are able to provide the best support to our users. We are extremely excited to get started and start serving customers in the US and we hope to meet many of them at the NFB conference” says Freek van Welsenis, co-founder of Hable.

About Hable

Hable is a start-up from The Netherlands with a mission to empower people with blindness to achieve more. In 2.5 years, Hable developed the Hable One, tested the product with thousands of people and introduced the product in the Netherlands in September 2021. In the coming years Hable will focus on improving the lives of people with a visual impairment, by using technology and smart design.

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