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Dolphin Guide Connect Software

Dolphin Guide Connect Software

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Simple Talking Technology for Sight Loss; Effortless email, entertainment and internet

Losing your sight is life changing. Technology could help you gain greater independence, but what if you don't feel confident?

GuideConnect is a talking digital assistant that brings you closer to family and friends. It helps you manage your everyday life and have fun. Simple internet access makes it easy to find information, be entertained and stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the world. GuideConnect is thoughtfully designed by and for people with sight loss, enabling you to enlarge the text or have it read to you. There are straightforward menus and lots of help. GuideConnect will talk you through every step of the way - you won’t believe how easy it is to use!

Dolphin GuideConnect Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between GuideConnect & Guide?

A: GuideConnect is Guide’s new big brother; it does many of the things Guide used to do, but it’s even simpler and more intuitive to use.

Compatible with the full range of devices, use GuideConnect on a tablet or a TV box, portable laptop or everyday desktop. GuideConnect fits into

your lifestyle and how you use GuideConnect is flexible too. Choose the remote control for leisurely access from the comfort of your sofa. The

effortless touchscreen access is perfect for tablet users or laptops with touchscreens. And if you’re used to a keyboard and mouse they’re good

for your computer.

GuideConnect is packed with artificial intelligence, but unlike using an iPad with your sight loss, GuideConnect is always easy to see and easy to

learn. There are no complex gestures to remember and everything is in large print text with high contrast colors. Some of the less popular

features and some of the out-of-date technologies aren’t included in GuideConnect. Podcasts, news RSS and games weren’t very popular and

haven’t been made available in GuideConnect. At the moment Skype isn’t included in GuideConnect – but we do plan to include a phone and

video chat service at some time in the future.

Q: Which version of Windows does GuideConnect work on?

A: GuideConnect is compatible with Windows 10 only. Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft and many of the newer technologies that

GuideConnect uses are not supported by Windows 7.

We are currently in the process of testing GuideConnect with Windows 11 from versions Microsoft has made available to us. Please contact us

for further details.

Boundless Assistive Technology | 7490 SW Bridgeport Road, Portland, OR 97224 | P: 1.866.606.8551 | F: 1.503.821.6355 | E:

Q: Can GuideConnect be used on any tablet?

A: GuideConnect runs on any Windows 10 device including Windows 10 tablets. GuideConnect isn’t compatible with iOS and Android tablets.

Please contact us for additional information about our GuideConnect tablet bundles.

Q: Can I add GuideConnect to my existing computer?

A: Yes. As long as your laptop or desktop computer is running Windows 10. Please see our system requirements to ensure full compatibility or

call us at 1-866-606-8551 with questions.

Q: I am already a Guide user. Can I upgrade to GuideConnect?

A: Yes. All upgrades include updates for 1 year and the cost depends on which version of Guide you currently own. Please contact us for details


Q: How do I get the updates that are included in my purchase?

A: GuideConnect will notify you when a new update is available and you can choose when it is convenient to update.

Q: Does my Guide SMA cover me for the upgrade to GuideConnect?

A: Yes. If you have an active or current maintenance agreement, GuideConnect is available as one of your ‘hits’. Talk to the sales team to request

your license.

Q: Are the keystrokes the same on GuideConnect as they are on Guide?

A: Many of the important GuideConnect keys are identical to Guide, including the up and down arrow keys, F1 for help. However some of the

more complicated Guide keys have been simplified so they are now single press and more intuitive to use.

Boundless Assistive Technology | 7490 SW Bridgeport Road, Portland, OR 97224 | P: 1.866.606.8551 | F: 1.503.821.6355 | E:

Q: Do I need an internet connection?

A: Yes. Most tasks require internet connectivity, including accessing books, newspapers, radio, email, the web and product updates.

Q: What is the GuideConnect Actions menu?

A: Rather than making every task overly complicated, GuideConnect separates out the actions that you might want to take when you have

completed a task. If you compose an email, the actions menu lets you decide if you want to spell check it, send it, save it to drafts. The actions

menu presents you with a small list of options that are always relevant to the task you are completing. If you open a photo, the actions menu

will let you rotate your photo, scan it for text, print it and more.

Q: Can I dictate to GuideConnect?

A: Yes, GuideConnect now includes the option to dictate your emails, documents or perform a web search. At the moment, the voice input

feature is only available in the English and Italian editions of GuideConnect.

Q: Can I download GuideConnect from the app store?

A: No. You will receive an email with a link to download your copy of GuideConnect.

Q: How do I get GuideConnect onto my TV?

A: To use GuideConnect on your TV you need to purchase a GuideConnect TV box. Once purchased, much like any other set top box, it plugs into

your TV via your HDMI port on the back.

Q: How does the Dolphin remote control connect to my device?

A: The Dolphin remote includes a USB receiver that plugs into any free USB port. Typically most laptop and desktop computers would be


Boundless Assistive Technology | 7490 SW Bridgeport Road, Portland, OR 97224 | P: 1.866.606.8551 | F: 1.503.821.6355 | E:

Q: What training is included with GuideConnect?

A: Every GuideConnect comes with limited complimentary telephone assistance.

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