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Lesa Kretschmer, President

Lesa Kretschmer, President of Florida Reading and Vision Technology, has been working with the Visually Impaired and Blind since 1993. A dedicated professional, Lesa is committed to placing adaptive technology exactly where it belongs, in the hands of the end user.

“I have seen adaptive technology dramatically improve people’s lives, whether it’s assisting someone back into the workplace, enlarging a student’s potential or helping a senior citizen maintain their independence.”

Lesa has worked extensively with individuals, occupational therapists, low vision doctors, Lighthouses, the Division of Blind Services and a spectrum of Educational and Government Institutions. She has conducted hundreds of seminars, workshops and vision fairs around the state. She has also been a guest on national and local television and radio programs. Lesa is an advocate for the blind and visually impaired and led the effort to have nine Florida mayors proclaim May 1st as Macular Degeneration Awareness Day.

Send Lesa an email at Lesa@floridareading.com or by phone: 954-648-7757.

John Ryan

John Ryan is Florida Vision Technology Center’s Store Manager since 2012. John is an Assistive Technology Specialist with training in the Teacher of the Visually Impaired (TVI) Program from Florida State University (FSU). In addition, he has over 20 years experience as a computer consultant in the Government and Private sectors. “It makes me feel good to be part of the Florida Vision Technology family that values being a premier resource to the visually impaired community.” The center offers assessments, training, and technology evaluations on a wide array of vision aids and appliances.” Visit the Store at 650 N. Andrews Avenue, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33311.

Here are some comments by John to make our clients giggle: What happened to my hair! It was blond, then dirty blond, redish blond, brown, & now is really dark brown. What happened to my sun tan! I grew up in Miami going the beach all the time. Fixing up & restoring old cars sure got cheaper when I couldn’t see well enough to drive anymore. Boats & Sailboats cost less after you sell them. You can never have too many magnifiers to help you read things, just trying to figure where I can find one in my house is the problem.

Send John an email at store@floridareading.com or by phone: 954-525-5311.

Janice Rossetti

Janice brings Florida Vision Technology over 12 years of quality customer service and sales experience and is dedicated to helping others. Being visually impaired herself, she is aware of the different needs individuals have and is proud to assist with bringing a wide variety and the newest assistive technology into the Florida Vision Technology store. Her willingness to listen, address concerns, and provide product information is what she strives for with each and every person. She understands that choosing the right assistive device is key to living independently and achieving personal goals.

Send Janice an email: headquarters@floridareading.com or by phone: 800-981-5119.

Tony del Campo

As South Florida Computer Specialist for Florida Reading and Vision Technology, Tony del Campo has nearly 18 years hands-on computer experience. The expertise he brings to Florida Reading and Vision Technology and its clients is extraordinary! Tony’s services include set-up and installation of various computer-related components, software installation, troubleshooting, Internet access, back-up utilities, networking solutions and much more.

Send Tony an email at info@floridareading.com

Annika Kretschmer, MSW

Annika formally started working for Florida Vision Technology when the she helped open the Largo store inside the Lighthouse of Pinellas, after she completed her Master of Social Work in May of 2018. She does home demos and trainings, presentations to low vision support groups, senior homes,TVIs as well as working in the retail store. Annika has volunteered at the Foundation Fighting Blindness Vision Walks, Florida’s Braille Challenge and Cane Quest.

Here are some comments by Annika to make our clients giggle: I am mildly obsessed with Taylor Swift, and have no shame about it. I hold the record in Broward County for being the biggest baby born at home in 1995. I am totally a crazy cat lady, and have three cats, and one is a overweight one eyed ginger.

Send Annika an email: annika@floridareading.com or by phone: 727-433-5017.

Jose Cintron

Losing his sight at a young age, Jose can totally relate to people with a visual impairment. Graduating from the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind, he spent his last year there as an Assistant Braille Teacher. Jose then went on to work with visually-impaired students in the Broward County School system the following year. Jose has obtained various certifications in computers. After obtaining his certifications, Jose went on to training individuals with using assistive technology on the Mac OS X and IOS platforms. Jose is extremely passionate with consulting and teaching people how to utilize assistive technology so that they can be successful in both their private and professional lives.

Send Jose an email: jose@floridareading.com, or by phone: 954-993-7323.

Shurri Dixon

Bio Coming Soon!!