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Emprint combines HP color Inkjet printing and Tiger: the world’s most advanced paper embossing technology.


Printed documents appear visually-identical to those from HP Inkjet printers. Emprint also impacts the paper so printed features are raised for touch.


With Emprint, you can:

Emboss Haptic Color images and diagrams
Print raised text and math characters
Translate and print Braille
Add more impact to all your documents


Emprint literally adds another dimension to your printed documents, using the same paper and ink cartridges as does an HP Inkjet printer. Make your own Haptic Color prints from any Windows 2000/XP file that prints on an HP Inkjet printer.


Studies in neurophysiology reveal that physical experience creates especially strong neural pathways in the brain. Beyond vision alone, using the haptic (touch) sensory modality engages the 2 hemispheres of the brain simultaneously – assuring information is retained in long-term memory.


The haptic modality is the most active and interactive of all the senses, and unlike the visual or auditory modalities, it is bi-directional. Everyone learns better through haptic interaction with materials.


People with learning disabilities are often limited to a single learning style and have great difficulty processing new concepts without tactile/kinesthetic activities. In certain cases, children cannot learn to count without touching the objects they are counting. Blind people also need haptic prints to have any access to graphic information at all.


Printing with Haptic Color assures that everyone can make use of the materials you create.


There are three learning styles: visual, auditory and tactile/kinesthetic.
1) The tactile/kinesthetic is driven by unparalleled Tiger embossing
2) Add photo-quality HP Inkjet printing to Emprint for the visual
3) Place your Haptic Color prints on the IVEO Touchpad to add auditory feedback


With Emprint and IVEO anyone can read and excel – regardless of learning style. Contact ViewPlus for more information about the Tiger Embossers.


Emprint Replacement Ink Cartridges are also available, both in Black and Color. Please Contact Us for more information.


An Extended Warranty is available for any of the Tiger Embossers. This is great protection for your embosser, plus annual cleaning to keep your embosser running strong.

Here’s what the Extended Warranty includes:

Annual Factory Maintenance Service

Firmware upgrade
Factory cleaning and inspection
Removal of paper dust
Lubrication of all moving parts
Alignment of embossing heads
Cleaning of all electronic components
Testing of condition and tension of drive and paper belts
Maximum of 5-working-day turnaround to get you back up and running quickly

Authorized Warranty Factory Repair

Unit refurbished to top working condition
All parts repaired or replaced as needed
Maximum of two-working-day turnaround to get you back up and running quickly
Service work performed by an experienced Tiger technician

Customers can add up to two years of extended warranty and service plan for the Tiger Emprint Braille Embosser. Customers with an existing valid warranty may purchase an extended warranty and service.



Tech notes:
BrailleNote and VoiceNote mPower units can connect to the Tiger Emprint via USB. This provides Braille output only and requires a firmware upgrade to existing Emprint embossers. We at Florida Reading and Vision Technology will be glad to assist with this process, so please Contact Us for more information.

To ensure proper embossing from the BrailleNote, please do the following:

Connect your Emprint first to your PC and go into your PRINTER PROPERTIES for the Emprint (under PRINTERS AND FAXES). Once in the Emprint PRINTER PROPERTIES select the LEGACY TAB.

Within the LEGACY TAB, set all margins to 0″ and select OK. You can now disconnect the Emprint from your PC.

Once the BrailleNote is connected to your Emprint, make sure that you select EMBOSS for the appropriate file instead of PRINT.


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