SciPlus-2300 Talking Scientific Calculator w/ speech


SciPlus-2300 Talking Scientific Calculator

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This very unique calculator can speak all outputs and features the largest keys and largest display of any scientific calculator available.

Key features of the new SciPlus-2000 series compared to the previous generation of calculators are:

– much thinner, about 1/2”.
– new high contrast, four line display.  This lets you see results of previous calculations, and cut-n-paste them into new expressions
– display backlight for improved contrast, and operation in dimly lit environment.
– graphical display means that complete expressions can be displayed in a much more “natural” format.
– very compact USB charger
– display contrast is adjustable, with adjustable backlight for even better contrast and operation in low light
– significantly improved statistics (add/remove from table, mean, variance, std dev, mode, sum of squares)
– significantly improved memory operations (memory store/recall, add, subtract, mult, div, swap)
– more complete degrees-miniutes-seconds <—> decimal degrees operations.
– enhanced conversions between degress, radians, gradians
– more comprehensive fractional<—>decimal and operations

– includes earbuds
– Availability in English/Spanish (user selectable)
– other languages optional (English/Arabic, English/French, English/German, etc.) 


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