Mobilux® LED Hand-held Magnifiers


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The Mobilux® series of illuminated hand-held magnifiers feature large, distortion free lenses and the brightest LED Illumination available. The SMD LEDs (light emitting diodes) provide 3 color options with the use of snap-on LED filters. In addition to the LEDs offering nearly unlimited life (50,000 hours!), the batteries last 5 times as long as when used with incandescent bulbs. These features provide lower usage costs and a better viewing experience! These features and more make Eschenbach’s Mobilux® LED Hand-held magnifiers Clearly The Best!


• 10 Diopter options available from 8D to 50D

• High quality lenses that are nearly distortion-free

• Cera-tec® coating which makes the lenses nearly glass hard and protects them from scratches (exception: the #1511-4 which cannot be coated due to the diffractive lens)

• Snap-on filters (yellow, orange, and clear) allow users to choose the color and brightness they prefer

• Illumination that lasts up to 50,000 hours (and allows batteries to last up to 10 times longer because SMD LEDs use less energy)

• SMD LEDs that are completely enclosed to eliminate possible damage

• A comfortable, ergonomic handle with a large, easy-to-operate ON/OFF switch

• A battery compartment with a cover that is easier to open & close

• 2 AA batteries and a complimentary case that protects the lens cover

• Lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects