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When you wear the Max Event telescopic glasses, you will positively feel close to the action!


With Max Event, the easiest-to-fit, binocular distance system, a user with low vision will be able to see indoor and outdoor events occurring in their daily lives with more crisp and clear vision. These hands-free, head-mounted glasses provide 2.1x magnification AND can be adjusted so that each eye lens is able to be focused separately (±3 diopters), making the system adaptable to most users.


The glasses will focus on objects from distances of 10 feet to infinity, and are perfect for viewing sports events, concerts, movies, theater, bird watching, or any other distance viewing activity where a magnified image would be helpful.


Max Event glasses are similar to the Max TV glasses, except that the Max Event glasses feature a mirrored coating that has been applied to the lenses by a process called vapor deposition. The mirrored coating eliminates sun glare and ensures that ‘enlarged eyes’ of the wearer are not visible to the external observer.


With flexible temples and rounded edges, Max Event telescopic glasses are the most comfortable long-range viewing device ever.


Tech notes:
Comes with Handheld Carrying Case (Framed nylon with zipper)
Can be adjusted (+/- 3D) for spherical correction
Magnification: 2.1x
Lens Size: 32mm
Lens Type: Galilean
Lens Material: PXM
Temple Length: 135mm
Bridge: Open saddle
Frame Size: 137mm
Focal Range: 10 feet to infinity
Visual Field: 20 degrees
PD Range: 60mm – 68mm
Weight: 1.7 oz.


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