MagniLink Zip HD17 Portable Video Magnifier


MagniLink HD17 Portable Video Magnifier

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MagniLink Zip – better than everything

The foldable MagniLink Zip is well known for its image quality and user-friendly operation. These qualities are now improved even further – and a few more have been added!


Outstanding image quality

Famous as the previous MagniLink Zip was for its image quality, it doesn’t stand a chance compared with this one! We combined all our knowledge and image-enhancement techniques with an HD camera and the result is the best image quality you’ve ever seen in a video magnifier.

True video magnifier

This portable video magnifier offers the same functionality as every true video magnifier, like a stable reading table with X/Y friction brakes, guiding lines, low-vision adapted monitor – and great image quality!


The design has been modernized and now follows the award-winning LVI design line*, introduced with MagniLink Vision. The low-vision adaption is improved and MagniLink Zip is easier to use than ever.

Built-in distance camera

A distance camera, adjustable both vertically and horizontally, is included.

Light and easy

The MagniLink Zip is easy to fold and carry. It is significantly smaller compared with the previous version – especially when folded – and weighs from only 7.9 lbs.


MagniLink Zip 17 is a true, portable video magnifier with  HD reading and distance camera. It comes with a low-vision adapted 17.3” monitor and an optional, stable X/Y table for comfortable reading and precise control. It has all the functions offered in a desktop video magnifier, but can be folded and carried to another location easily.

This is a good choice for users that read frequently and sometimes need to move their video magnifier between different locations, for example home and work, hotel, summer house, etc. The stylish, space-saving design makes MagniLink Zip easily placed in both homes, schools and workplaces.


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