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Interactive Tactile Braille Graphics Solution IVEO builds accessibility into mainstream computer and print materials. By enhancing visual information to include sound and touch feedback, IVEO makes written materials more engaging and interactive. IVEO goes beyond the standard visual interface to a computer. Adding audio and touch makes delivery of information more complete – increasing retention and understanding. Plus, it makes materials more engaging. By utilizing more of the body’s senses, IVEO makes documents more interactive for the reader. And since it is designed to integrate seamlessly with mainstream software, creating new files or converting existing documents is easy.

Information is exchanged both electronically and on paper, so IVEO includes tools for instant conversion from both mediums. Anyone who can use a computer can take information from a textbook or electronic file and create an accessible IVEO document in seconds. IVEO also accommodates distribution of files via e-mail or the Internet. The IVEO Viewer is similar to Adobe Acrobat (PDF), but more versatile and accessible. It allows for the reading of documents visually as well as by touch with
audio feedback.

Other components of the IVEO are the IVEO Creator (the core of the IVEO software package — for adding audio features
and editing), IVEO Converter (driver for automatically converting computer files and paper materials to IVEO), and IVEO Touchpad (touch-sensitive pad for examining and editing Tiger tactile printouts with IVEO).


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