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EasyConverter – Single User License Unlock Code

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EasyConverter quickly creates Large Print, mp3, DAISY and Braille versions of learning materials that can either be scanned from paper, or input from Word, PDF, HTML, Nimas, Kesi, DAISY Xml, text or image files.

EasyConverter is designed for use in schools, colleges, universities, small or large companies and government organizations. EasyConverter is simple to use for those with no ALT-format creation experience, and is equally suited to experienced professionals looking for a single flexible high quality ALT-format creation tool to meet the needs of dyslexic, visually-impaired and learning-disabled students.

Key Benefits to EasyConverter:

  • Offering people the formats of their preference ensures that you meet the growing disability legislation.
  • Popular materials can be stored for future years and simply converted to specifically meet the needs of other people in their preferred format
  • In education settings, the significant time savings can be diverted back to delivering the curriculum
  • EasyConverter ensures that you remain adaptable, and able to convert from a wide range of file formats, including printed handouts to downloaded PDFs, Word files, NIMAS content, DAISY XML, image files and HTML documents
  • Create the average textbook in 90 seconds, compared to a lengthy 2 hours when human narrating
  • EasyConverter ensures that the student’s right to choice remains at the top of the agenda, by offering a range of natural sounding synthesisers, the large print size of preference and the option to add audio descriptions and information for otherwise inaccessible graphics and diagrams
  • Improve disabled students’ success rates, by not only ensuring they receive their learning materials in their preferred format, but that they receive them when their peers receive their print version and not after
  • EasyConverter ensures that you are able to cater for a broad spectrum of accessibility needs via DAISY, mp3, Braille, large print and plain text
  • Experienced altformat professionals can quickly create their same high quality learning materials, but retain the flexibility to edit their work to suit specific materials or students needs
  • A logical and easy to use interface offers a simple learning curve for novice users that wish to concentrate on the needs of their students and not on mastering new software
  • Midway through a Large Print maths handout? EasyConverter is designed for busy staff with hectic timetables as it allows you to store you work and return to it at your convenience
  • Intuitive to use, EasyConverter has been designed with the expert input of experienced altformat creation professionals that ensures it exceeds the expectations of all education professionals
  • Non-Braille readers can quickly and confidently create high quality grade 2 Braille with ease
  • Your altformat learning materials can be shared on the network, internet or virtual learning environment, burnt to CD, sent to an MP3 player or sent to the Braille embosser or printer
  • Why not make EasyConverter available in your library and let users scan their crucial library books, output to MP3 and walk away listening in the format that suits them and their lifestyle?

Valencia Community College Embraces ALT Format

Valencia Community College has during its 40 years evolved to become a true innovative leader in higher education with a national reputation for teaching excellence. With four campuses and two centers in the Orlando area, Valencia is now the third largest of Florida’s 28 community colleges, teaching more than 50,000 students a year.

Valencia Community College takes very seriously its responsibility to provide universal access to education for all of its students. To this end, EasyConverter was seen as part of this philosophy and was recently installed, alongside Dolphin Publisher and EasyProducer, into the college’s available resources in order to have a complete repertoire of DAISY and alternative format production tools.

Julie Balassa, Assistant Director of the Office for Students with Disabilities and responsible for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services and Assistive Technology at Valencia Community College, commented; “Before we installed EasyConverter, we used a variety of alternative format production tools to create even the most basic alternative formats, an unnecessarily time consuming and labor-intensive process.”

This time-consuming and labor-intensive process was compounded due to the fact that students were requesting a number of differing alternative formats, including navigable mp3 files, DAISY, Braille and Large Print (which involved staff spending a lot of valuable time stood in front of a photocopier).

The benefits of EasyConverter’s ability to quickly and accurately provide a range of alternative formats (Braille, Large Print, mp3, DAISY and plain text) from a variety of input files (scanned documents, Word, PDF, NIMAS and HTML), are already being felt by faculty members and students alike, as Julie explains: “Students having the ability to have faster access to required course materials maximizes their opportunity to work to their full potential…I know the faculty feel relieved when they know they can devote time to all students, instead of having to work intensively with one student because of access issues.”

Going forward, Valencia Community College has a simple dream and EasyConverter will significantly contribute to this dream in order to make it a reality: “Our continued hope is that EasyConverter will enable us to provide the requested alternative formats in a timely and effective manner, and that this, in turn, will play an integral role in enabling our students to maximize their potential and to realize their educational goals at Valencia and beyond.”

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