Braille Label Maker Carrying Case


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This handy Braille Label Maker case is made out of rugged black nylon with a non-skid bottom, which prevents it from sliding while being used on a hard surface such as a table. There is a 6dot logo on the front flap of the case.  The flap unsnaps and flips open to reveal the braille keyboard. Snap the flap back over the keyboard when not in use. A long removable strap allows the user to wear it around their neck or on their shoulder and makes it easy to make Braille labels while standing. A convenient zipper allows the label maker to be removed easily when desired. All main features of the Braille Label Maker are accessible when the case is on including the power switch, transformer jack, keyboard port, and label exit area. The label maker must be removed from the case to load tape or change batteries. A generous velcro pocket on the top of the case stores a couple rolls of tape and/or extra batteries inside


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