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The Braille BookMaker is a portable desk-top Braille printer that produces Braille characters on both sides of the page for individuals who are blind. Commands are issued from a calculator-style keypad, and confirmed by tones so that the operator can change settings without having to print out prompts and responses in Braille. A brief comma sequence places the unit in single-sided mode, where it can become a terminal using the optional external keyboard, or generate samples for easier proofreading by a sighted operator. The embosser’s performance can reach a daily average rate of 5 hours of actual embossing figures to generate up to a quarter million pages over a full year. The unit is housed in an attache type carrying case. PAPER: This embosser has a rear panel impact control to allow the use of different tractor feed paper stock, ranging from 20-pound computer paper to 100-pound tag. CPS: This printer has a speed of 80 characters per second (cps).


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