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Your trustworthy resource for accessibility techniques

You’ll be able to access everything you need to know about website accessibility in our comprehensive HTML-based digital repository. Maintained by our team of expert engineers, this robust accessibility resource contains detailed instructions for creating accessible code for your digital content. TPG has been a leader in the field of accessibility since 2002. Our experts are second to none; many are involved with the creation of the W3C guidelines themselves.


  • Reliable and accurate accessibility techniques from an expert source
  • Robust and broadranging information in one easy-to-access location
  • Accessible via ARC, TPG’s accessibility platform
Home page for KnowledgeBase, featuring three modules: desktop and responsive web, iOS Mobile Native, and Android Mobile Native

Our comprehensive catalog

You’ll get access to three different resources to suit your needs: desktop/web, Android Native, and iOS Native. KnowledgeBase is structured around a comprehensive catalogue of digital elements like forms, images, tables, etc. Each element section has three parts:

  • The group of people with disabilities impacted by the element’s accessibility issues
  • Techniques for making the element accessible
  • A reference to the WCAG guidelines that define the suggested technique
screenshot of the KB technique - using the label element

Technique: Using the <label> element to label controls

Accessing KnowledgeBase

KnowledgeBase is accessible through ARC, TPG’s Accessibility Resource Center. ARC is a platform through which you and your team can access analytics, issue reports, eLearning modules, an extensive library of developer techniques, and support in a single location.



Jose Cintron
Manager, Commercial Accessibility Sales


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