Accessible Graphics Calculator (AGC)


Accessible Graphics Calculator (AGC)

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The Accessible Graphics Calculator (AGC) provides the functionality of handheld scientific calculators commonly used in the classroom. Operating on a flexible Windows platform and augmented with audio and tactile feedback, the AGC provides an alternative for people who cannot effectively use a handheld calculator, or those seeking a more interactive interface.


The AGC is accessible to anyone who can use a computer, regardless of ability, allowing the user to concentrate on math, not on learning the tools to access it.


Universal-use features include:
Describing of graph shape through audio tones and cues
Speaking menus
Scalable visual display
Keyboard navigation
Tactile output options


Newer features of the AGC:


Advanced matrix functions
Ability to display multiple graphs and find intersections
Increased functionality of the expression evaluator
Increased quantity of statistical functions


Here is a link to download a webinar for the AGC:


AGC webinar


The AGC is also compatible with all Windows Vista operating systems. Previous versions of the AGC can be upgraded at a reduced price. Please Contact Us for more information.


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