Accessibility Training




Want to build your team’s accessibility expertise? TPG offers both instructor-led and self-paced online training. Empower your resources to build accessible content by teaching them the right way to do it out of the box.

Instructor-led Training:

  • Content Creator (1 day)
  • Designing for Accessibility (1 day)
  • Developing for Accessibility (2 days)
  • Testing for Accessibility/QA (1 day)
  • Testing with screen readers (1 day)
  • Native mobile app development Accessibility (1 day each – iOS/Android)

TPG can provide all its Training courses onsite or via a series of live webinars.

TPG also offers a number of modules for self-paced learning via TPG Tutor, our e-learning tool. Topics include:

  • Creating Accessible Multi-media
  • Mobile Accessibility Testing on iOS (formerly titled “Introduction to iOS Mobile Accessibility for QA and Testing”)
  • Introduction to Digital Accessibility
  • Introduction to the WCAG 2.1 Standard
  • Accessibility in Front-End Development
  • Our Audience; an introduction to People with disabilities and the challenges they face online
Jose Cintron
Manager, Commercial Accessibility Sales


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