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Share Your Experiences with Our Products

We at Florida Reading and Vision Technology want the users of our products to put in their own words their experience with them. You can be as anonymous as you wish to be but if you can tell us your first name, last initial and where you are from, it would be much appreciated.


In addition, you can submit your experience in text format, Microsoft Word document or even an audio file (MP3 preferred). Just send them to and note in your message what product you are sharing your experience with.


And thanks in advance from all of us at Florida Reading!


Here is an example of the testimonials we have received:

The representative was friendly and informative. She answered all my questions. We were in a convention Exhibit Hall and the noise was very high. Other than that it was a very positive experience.

Janet U. – Satisfied Victor Reader Stream Customer


Thank you! I received the Max Mouse and took it to my mother-in-law and she was thrilled. She was able to read the newspaper and other things that she had not been able to do in a very long time. Again thanks for the great service.

Sandy C. – Jacksonville


Below is an audio testimonial for the K-NFB Mobile Reader. You can click on the link and have the option to open the MP3 file to play in your media player, or save it to your computer:

K-NFB Mobile Reader Audio Testimonial


Customer Service Testimonial:

I cannot thank you enough for the quick response. I can now immediately serve my patient. I won’t forget your company. Thank you!

Nancy – VAMC


The Manderfield Technical Training Laboratory (MTTL) has used Florida Reading & Vision (Technology) as a vendor for many years and will continue to. They are knowledgeable about their products, efficient, friendly, and exceed all expectations.

Thank you.

Holly Sharp
Daytona Beach


The following testimonials are for System Access:

I have recently acquired a Creative Zenstone mp3 player. I usually use JAWS as my screen reader, so I downloaded some scripts designed for this player. But, they don’t work! Presumably because my version of JAWS is very old! Very disappointed, I struggled on with my limited eye-sight. BUT……, when I shut down JAWS and loaded SA, I found, to my delight, that it works and reads the Creative Lite software!

Thank you so much for this product!

M. Norton


Highest Praises to the SA tech support. You guys are the most professional, most reliable, and best at what you do, consistently. Thanks ever so much to Brian and Matt for attending to and resolving my NeoSpeech problem. It’s such a joy to work with such competent and dedicated service providers as yourselves and all on the Serotek team. You make being a customer a truly unique experience, due to your outstanding response to the needs of all. I am so grateful you are out there. Amid so many improvements, it’s a pleasure to find continuing quality of customer care and personalized attention. Your work makes a world of difference and I can’t say enough to recommend the Serotek advantage.



The following couple of testimonials are for the Victor Reader Stream:

Just wanted to let you know that I purchased my Victor Reader Stream the day I received your e-mail, and had it the next day. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and never leave home without it. Thanks so much.

Money well spent.

Daytona Beach, FL


Finally, I just want to add my thanks for developing such a great product at such an awesome price! I have never been much of a book reader and had considered purchasing a product from the competition, namely the Bookport. After I read the initial reviews on the VictorReader Stream, I was hooked on the player and knew I had to have one.


I finally purchased a player in late November and wonder why I waited so long! I should also add that a co-worker purchased a player site unseen after I told him all about the player. In fact, my wife liked the player so much, she bought one too!

The design of the player, including size, is outstanding! The player has such great features and is a breeze to use. I love the fact that the VR Stream is so compact in size and weighs so little. I can honestly say that the VictorReader Stream has turned me into an avid reader!

Like a good paperback, I just can’t seem to put the VictorReader Stream down. Outstanding job Humanware!! Looking forward to your response.

Largo, FL


And Florida Reading and Vision Technology was honored to be featured in a section of the American Foundation for the Blind’s Journal of Visual Impairment and Blindness, which includes some of the many products on this website. Please right-click on the following link to save this to your computer or portable device, as it is a text file:


AFB’s Journal of Visual Impairment and Blindness article featuring Florida Reading and Vision Technology, January 2008