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Florida Reading & Vision Technology CEO Lesa Kretschmer Trains Guide Puppies to Give Back to the Blind

Lesa Kretschmer
Laslo and Lesa appear on the CBS Focus on South Florida Show

Lesa Kretschmer, Founder and President of Florida Reading & Vision Technology Inc. has dedicated her professional and personal life to helping Florida’s visually impaired live more independently. As if running one of the largest e-commerce business which offers more than 800 products to aid the visually impaired and deaf isn’t enough, Ms. Kretschmer volunteers her time in a most unique way – training guide puppies.

Kretschmer, Business Leader’s 2012 Top 50 Entrepreneur is proud to be training her fourth guide puppy – Laslo.  Having just appeared on CBS’s Focus on South Florida segment in February 2013, Lesa and Laslo are quickly becoming South Florida’s most beloved duo.

As a puppy raiser, Kretschmer has dedicated more than 4,000 volunteer hours landing her the 2012 President’s Volunteer Call To Service Award. “Community activism and giving back is the life blood of Florida Reading and Vision Technology,” states Kretschmer. “My daughters and I dedicate our time to raising and training the adorable pups so that others can have a more independent lifestyle and best friend.”

Kretschmer takes Laslo everywhere—to the office, out to eat, on tradeshow trips, and even grocery shopping. “Ultimately, this real-world training imitates the experiences that Laslo will need to successfully guide a visually impaired person wherever they want to go,” states Kretschmer.

The puppy-raising experience requires a great deal of commitment, time, energy, and focus. After living in the Kretschmer household for 14 to 20 months, Laslo will return to “school” for formal harness training and meet his new owner.

To connect with Lesa, Laslo and Florida Reading and Vision Technology Inc. visit or stop by the store at 650 N. Andrews Avenue, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33311. Like what we are doing? Show us at

 About Florida Reading & Vision Technology Inc.

According to the World Health Organization there are approximately 285 million people in the world who are visually impaired, of whom 39 million are blind. Florida Reading & Vision Technology, Inc. (FRAVTI) is committed to offering safe and dependable products to those seeking greater independence. Founded in 2000 by Lesa Kretschmer, Fort Lauderdale, Florida based FRAVTI offers more than 800 products and tools that help those who are blind or visually impaired meet the needs of the broader public.

To learn more or order a product visit or call 1-800-981-5119. Like what we are doing? Show us at

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